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Injectable Complement Your Skincare. Not Vice Versa.

Simply put, injectable are used to restore, renew and fix damage done to our skin over time. The primary issues patients wish to treat are fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, textural issues, dryness and laxity. While injectable treatments target only fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss (although they can be used to improve symmetry) – medical grade skincare uses active ingredients to directly deal with all skin concerns. Factor in the cost of injectable treatments and you’ll understand why it’s crucial to start protecting your skin, rather than simply trying to correct it. Homecare products also prepare your skin for professional skincare treatments and help maintain the results post-procedure.

Why Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare lines like AlumierMD are formulated by doctors through scientific research. These brands invest in research and prouct developement, rather than the heavy advertising and branding which we see from other companies. Medical grade products contain the purest, most concentrated ingredients in order to create prescription-strength formulations to be sold exclusively by medical professionals. In addition, AlumierMD is free of chemical parabens and comitted to safe formulation.

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AlumierMD Bare Essentials.

1. Cleanser – Wash away excess oils, dirt and poullution

2. Exfolliant – Without removing dead skin cells, your products are not able to properly penetrate

3. Eye Cream – Moisturizing, vitamin rich and protects against free radicals

4. Moisturize – Hydrate and soothe with emollients, peptides, antioxidants and more

5. Sunscreen – Shield yourself from UVB/UVA rays with physical filters that include vitamin C and anti-oxidants to protect your skin from free-radicals

AlumierMD includes a selection of each product for different skin types/concerns. In order to determine which product is for you, please contact our clinic for your complimentary consultation.

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